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YGQ Transmitter manufacturers
YGQ716/866 temperature transmitter USES thermocouple and thermal resistance as temperature measuring elements. The output signals from the temperature measuring elements are sent to the transmitter module. After the circuit processing such as voltage stabilization filtering, operational amplification, nonlinear correction, V/I conversion, constant current and reverse protection, it is converted into 4-20ma current signal 0-5v / 0-10v voltage signal that has a linear relationship with temperature.
Ygq716/866 integrated temperature transmitter working principle
Integrated temperature transmitter is to convert the measured temperature of thermocouple or thermal resistance sensor into electrical signal, and then send the signal to the transmitter input network, which includes zero adjustment and thermocouple compensation and other related circuits. After zeroing, the signal is input to the operational amplifier for signal amplification. The amplified signal is processed by the V/I converter and then output at 4-20ma dc current. The other way is processed by A/D converter to the header display.
There are two kinds of linearization circuit of transmitter, both of which adopt feedback mode. The thermal resistance sensor is corrected by positive feedback, and the thermocouple sensor is corrected by multi-segment polyline approximation. Integrated digital display temperature transmitter has two display modes. LCD display of the temperature transmitter with a two-wire output, LED display of the temperature transmitter with a three-wire output.
Application field
Petroleum, chemical and chemical fiber;Textile, rubber, building materials; Electric power, metallurgy and medicine; Field temperature measuring process control in food and other industrial fields; Especially suitable for computer measurement and control system, it can also be used with instrument.
TypesTemperature range(℃)Minimum range(℃)Absolute errorBasic error
J0~1200100±3℃±0.2%YGQ Transmitter manufacturers

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