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About Scripting Editor
Hello all,

With this post I hope to inform you about Scripting Editor and why I decided to create it. If there are any questions left, please feel free to ask them.  Smile

Scripting Editor (SE) was started after some time of answering user questions about publicly available information on the game's scripting wikis. This first resulted in a Notepad++ plugin, but due to performance issues caused by the available lib I decided to just make my own editor.

SE is still in development and needs a lot of work before a release candidate will be picked.


Alpha 2.0.1:

.rar   ScriptingEditor_A2.0.1.rar (Size: 5.69 MB / Downloads: 0)
Mirror: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ky6cinmtdxdt85...1.rar?dl=0


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