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industrial paint coatings
It is high reactive and rapid curing and able to be sprayed forming on any bending surfaces of slopes and vertical side without sagging or falling down problems.
The high elastic polyurea film is dense tough, flexible and not sensitive to humidity and temperature, high adhesive strength with substrate and cathodic disbondment resistant. It has excellent properties of anti-corrosion, impact and wear resistance, stable chemical resistance with acid, alkali and salt and effective resistance erosion of microorganism and plant roots without crack or peel off after long-term application.
Adhesive strength (concrete base) 3.5 Mpa
Adhesive strength (steel base) 11.2 Mpa
Tear strength 76kN/m
Tensile strength 25Mpa
Elongation 200%
Penetrate resistance 2.8Mpa
Temperature variation -40------+120℃
Wear resistance (700g/500r) 6.8mg
Acid resistance (10%H2SO4 or 10%HCI, 30d) no rust no bubbles no peel
Alkali resistance 10%NaOH, 30d no rust no bubbles no peel
Salt resistance 30g/L, 30d no rust no bubbles no peel
Salt spray resistance 2000h no rust no bubbles no peel
Oil resistance 0# diesel crude oil 30d no rust no bubbles no peel
Data of performance
Color Multiple colors as customers’ need
Luster glazed
Density 1.02g/cm3
Volume solid content 99%±1%
Recommended dry film thickness 1000-3000μm
Theoretical coverage 2.04kg/sqm (calculated by the above solids percentage and dry film thickness of 2000 microns)
Practical coverage Allow appropriate loss rate
Dry time 5-20s
Overhigh elastic polyurea interval min: 1h, max: 24h
Overhigh elastic polyurea method Special polyurea equipment spray (imported or local support)
Flash point 200℃
Recommend procedures
No.Name of productsLayersDry film thickness(μm)
1Polyurea special primer150
2Buried pipelines special polyurethane high elastic polyurea12000
22050industrial paint coatings

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