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Flocking manufacturers
1.Product description
Product typeShark logo tatami flocking with glue
MaterialFlocking fabric
ColorBlue with white
DesignFlock technics has strong 3D effect. mixture colors
Lead time5-7days for samples,12-15days for mass production
Package100pcs/opp bag,30bags/carton,42*32*24cm,also can do package as your demands
UsageClothing, bag, towel, cap, school uniform, armed forces, sportswear, jeans, jacket etc.
2.The development of electrostatic flocking products
First, the current flocking printing, printing flocking "endless change. "Using advanced equipment, flocking and printing can be set together, one time, that is, in the need of flocking, printing in the need of printing.
Second, the development of environmentally friendly, functional products. Functional flocking fabric, with muffler, heat insulation, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, flame retardant, antifouling and electromagnetic emission shielding and other special functions, widely used.
Third, the villous fiber is currently dominated by nylon and viscose, and now the types are more diversified. For example, it can be chitin fiber, bamboo fiber, tencel fiber, ultra-fine hemp fiber, island silk fiber, anion fiber, etc., and its wearability, safety and economy have more advantages than similar fiber fabrics.
Fourth, the adhesive has changed. For instance can use the adhesive that does not have formaldehyde, low temperature to undertake operation, can save energy already can reduce workshop temperature again, improve worker working condition.
3.Warming Tips:
All information on the website just for your reference, especially the price.
Welcome to contact us for details, your inquiry means a lot for us.
Thank you for your understanding and trusting.Flocking manufacturers

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