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Borated Polyethylene price
High polymer polyethylene boron plate is applied in the field of nuclear shielding. Hydrogen rich material can attenuate neutrons, while boron is easy to absorb thermalized neutrons.

Potential USES of boron-containing panels include shielding of radiation treatment rooms, where products are embedded in walls in the form of panels. Other similar applications include nuclear research centres, nuclear power plants, power generation components in nuclear submarines, production areas for nuclear detection devices and equipment and spacecraft exposed to radiation.

In the development and engineering application of X-ray protection equipment, our company is one of the few domestic units with the ability of design, construction, detection and evaluation. Over the years, a large number of practical equipment has been developed for the research and engineering application of radiation protection in China. Over the past 20 years, our company has completed over 40 radiation protection projects over the years, including gamma ray, gamma ray, gamma-neutron mixed field protection and so on.
Key Features of Borated Polyethylene:
• Available with 1%, 2% and 5% boron content (by weight) or virgin formulas.
• Made from the finest polymers available.
• High cross-section for consistent neutron attenuation.
• Durable over a wide temperature range.
• Custom sheets, blocks and slabs also available.
• Available finishing options, including custom cutting into any shape or part.
Benefits of Borated Polyethylene:
• Reduce exposure to harmful neutron radiation
• Light-weight; easy to handle and install
• Easily fabricated using standard woodworking tools
• Cost-effective
Specification of Borated Polyethylene:
Can be customized according to customer requirements.
Standard Size
Boron Content5%-30%
Dimensions1000*900mm    1000*1000mm
1800*1000mm    2000*1800mm
2000*1000mm    3500*2000mm
Popular Applications:
* Reactors
* US Nuclear Warships
* Personnel and Cargo Detection Devices
* Medical Vaults
* Doors for Linear Accelerators
* Research Applications
* X-Ray Facilities
· Low MOQ: It can meet your promotional business very well
· OEM Accepted: We can produce any your design
· Good Service: We treat clients as friend
· Good Quality: We have strict quality control system,Good reputation
· Fast & Cheap Delivery: We have discount from forwarder
1. What is the proportion of boron in the polyethylene-containing boron plate?
Depending on your application and needs, the boron content ranges from 5% to 30%.
2. What is the production process of polyethylene-containing boron sheets?
A boron-containing polyethylene sheet obtained by dispersing boron carbide in a polyethylene raw material by high-speed stirring, kneading, plasticating, and laminating is a novel composite material.
3. Can I provide samples for testing?
The company can provide test samples.
4. In which areas is the application of polyethylene-containing plates?
The boron-containing plates produced by the company are mainly used in the fields of radiation protection, sanitary radiation protection and radioactive three-waste treatment in the nuclear industry.Borated Polyethylene price

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